mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Are ICTs a new revolution in rural areas?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are recognised as offering new avenues for sustainable development and livelihoods improvement. The international development community has launched a number of initiatives on ICTs in recent years while addressing the so called “digital divide” between the developed and the developing world – yet the digital gap is steadily closing through the deployment of traditional and new media such as radio, mobile phones and internet.

Publié par : A. Koda Traoré in Rural 21 vol 6 2008
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Sustainable telecentres require community involvement

People living in rural areas benefi t from the provision of rural telecommunications services on a community basis which are organised in the form of a public utility – a telecentre. Telecentres are centres where information, assistance and help are available and where anyone can use the information and communication technology (ICT) and access the Internet. It enables users to solicit, disseminate, record, analyse, or simply access information. These institutions bring information to locals and provide opportunities to use information in different ways: to work, to learn or simply for recreation.

Publié par A. Koda Traoré; Olaf Erz et Ruud Crul in: Rural 21, vol 6, 2008
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Bonne année 2009

Chers amis,

Bonne année 2009. J'espère qu'elle sera pour nous tous synonyme de paix, de santé et de quiétude. Pour l'Afrique, je souhaite que ce soit celle de la fin des fractures y compris et surtout celle de la la connaissance.