mercredi 12 septembre 2007

Integrated Use of Information and Communication Tools: CTA rural radio programme

By A. Koda Traoré Programme Coordinator, Communication Channels and Services Department, CTA. Sensitization Workshop on Rural Radio for Eastern and Southern African Countrie, Lilongwe, 26 of April 2005
The processes of liberalisation, democratisation and decentralisation in many African countries have led to rapid changes in society including rural communities. This situation is marked amongst others by an increased number of radio stations in urban and rural areas owned by private sector, farmer organisations and NGOs. Similarly, the Internet revolution has opened new avenues for radio development (better availability and access to equipment) which requires a high degree of adaptability and anticipation to fast moving trends by all actors so as to adopt correct response strategies.

In this context, communication is becoming increasingly of more strategic importance in face of the major changes taking place in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and challenges related to vital issues such as food security and poverty. CTA’s current mandate takes these factors into consideration as it widens its interventions from scientific and technical information to information and communication for agricultural development.

This paper focuses on CTA’s ICT based programme with special emphasis on rural radio.

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